Originally, a postdoc's life in Leeds written in Japanese, then in Tajimi written in English. Now, the stray life in Tsukuba written in which language?

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Our laboratory members went to a YANA, fishing weir or kiddle according to my dictionary, place. (Please see the website: Japanese only) A variety of Ayu, sweetfish according to the dictionary, dishes we had is given to the photo below.
Right one in bowl is "Ayu Zou-sui", which is boiled rice cooked win soup of the Ayu. The middle top of one fish in dish is grilled Ayu with special miso source, called "Dengaku-miso". The left top dish is "Sio-yaki", meaning simple broiling with a salt. The left bottom is deep-fried one, and the middle bottom is stewed in soy sauce with sweetener "Kan-ro-ni". These all are a course for one person!!.

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Nagoya Castle


For the last day of my brother's stay, we went to Nagoya castle. It's sunny but pretty cold since yesterday. After the visit we went to Sakae and then took a walk for Ohsu.
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Old inn town, Magome


I and my brother came to Magome which was used to be an inn town for Nakasendo, old street from Tokyo to Nagoya in Edo era. We have an accommodation with an old inn in Magome called Tajimaya . The photo shown above is Irori, which is Japanese old fireplace. Mochi, Japanese rice cake, and Iwana, a fish living in river, are subject to be heat by coals. Iwana will be served within Japanese Sake, Iwana-zake.
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I joined BBQ of my friend in Tokyo. It was held in Harumi harbor. In the photo shown below, you can see strange (?) stuff, which is actually "Yaki-Manzyu". Simple buns with a sweet "Miso" source that is a local food in my home town. I was not so sure whether they like it or not. Actually, they especially children like it. I was happy with this.
Drinking and eating, of course, and playing with children, which was fun but to be honest get tried as they are so powerful: playing football, feeding ants around their nest, climbing tree and so on. They were so excited and then I was exhausted.
It was basically cloudy and not so hot, good for BBQ. I could have very fun and enjoyable time: it is also good holiday.
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Mt. Myogi


I and my family went to Mt. Myogi in Gunma Pref. It isn't so high but pretty tough for us. As u can see climbing with a help of chain is hard and scared. Just one and half hrs ways were enough for us. It's holiday!
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I have been trying to loose weight since January this year. Chart of weight loss and body fat index is given below. I consult with a mecial doctor and she said to me to reduce comsuption energy a day to 1680 kcal. I kept it for a couple of month, weight loss for that period was too much, and she reccommend me to have more energy. The set energy changed to 1800 and 2000 kcal, eventually. From the doctor's viewpoint, one kg a month is prefarable weight loss. I have been trying to find a time to excesise. I sometimes went to a gym to walk/run and physical excesise. For recent couple of months, the weight loss was gradually as compared to that before but still not too bad. Rapid weight gain you can see was due to bussiness travels in Tokyo. This is obviously due to drinking and eating out, which are not usually for me this year. But important thing is to reduce the gain after getting back to usual life.

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Smoked mackerel


I have found a smoked mackerel at a supermarket on the ground floor of the building, where a part of our institute has been moved into for this academic year. Smoked mackerel is one of my favorite foods when I was staying in the UK. Somked fishes but also meats and so are very popular in the UK.
I could not find the mackerel in Japan, except for the case I had taken it at Ginza Lion pub in tokyo. The product shown in the photo is made in Japan but originally from Norway. It can be searved as it is, or even better after a bit heating.
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I have gotten larger HIYOKO than usual one at Kokura station in Kukyu. The large one is not available in Tokyo, as it is produced only in Hakata. The ad says it is 5 times larger than usual one, but actually about 4 times based upon the weight as long as we measure.

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its just a test. i've submitted this entry from my mobile.

soooo difficult!!
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